NO! Not you TOO!

So, you may remember my frustration with “My neighbor – the tree hater!”  (She chopped down a dozen healthy, beautiful trees in her backyard!) Well, this weekend the saga continued.

I was snuggled up with our daughter (who had planted herself in the middle of our bed) in the early morning, enjoying “snooze-land”,  and my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sound of blaring chainsaws.

I could not believe my ears.  First of all, it was way too early for chainsaws.  Secondly, I thought “how could she find more trees to kill…they’re all GONE!”

Lo and behold, it was my OTHER neighbor, on the other side!  Has everyone in my neighborhood lost their marbles?  They were taking down two trees and I truly can’t imagine why, except that they were squarely in the middle of a section of yard…and they probably had a selfish reason I don’t want to know about.

Our kids were mortified.  At first they wanted to go over there themselves and tell them to stop, “because cutting down trees is mean to the earth.”  When I told them they absolutely weren’t going over there, they demanded that I go!  When I tried to explain that it’s their yard and I can’t tell them what to do, they actually seemed disappointed in me!  As bothersome as that was, it actually made me proud of them for being so passionate.

If nothing else, it gave us the opportunity to discuss how important trees are – for providing oxygen and shade, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife (as both food and habitat) and so much more.

This additional ‘loss of nature’ has me wanting to plant trees!  Better yet, for our next gift-giving occasion, let’s all give someone a tree.  Seriously.  The National Arbor Day Foundation has made it very simple.  It’s their “Give-A-Tree” project and it helps to replant our national forests for a very small donation.  They even give you a nice little card, that explains the project, to give to the recipient.

Oh no.  I just realized I need to buy 14 of them…

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9 thoughts on “NO! Not you TOO!

  1. What a great chance for you to have a conversation with the kids about making good choices and why some are bad choices. But you should consider that the reason they are cutting trees down is to put in a pool, now that would be so cool!!!! (close your mouth) I’m kidding. But it is their right to do what they want with those trees, but it would also be ok for you to print out the information on the “Give a tree” project.

    I think the “give a tree” project is a great idea for holiday gifts or just to send to someone to put a smile on their face. I am going to order some to send to family members – I must admit I would miss the rod iron votive candle holders but I would much rather know a tree had been planted. Also, the Cleveland Metro Parks have programs (or they used to) that you could have either flowers or trees planted in memory of someone. It’s a little more expensive but a good program. Happy Arbor Day! (7 months early)

  2. Matt – ….and he’s back! Yippee! 🙂 Yeah, I know it’s their right… blah, blah, blah … just kidding!…. (sort of!)… and yes, a pool would be way cool, but it still makes me crazy. I have been seeing healthy trees come down all over town lately and it’s making me nuts! Everyone getting a jump on the ‘falling leaves’????

    Glad you like the “give-a-tree” project too…I love it. They have cards for all kinds of occasions and it’s something I really want to do more. (Sent one to Kev & Will for an anniversary and they LOVED IT!) And when I think about how much $$ I spend on useless gifts sometimes….blaah! I would love to know more about the MetroParks program too…any idea where I’d find that info???

  3. This isn’t exactly the same (less green and more community), but reading your post I remember a few months ago when everyone in my neighborhood suddenly seemed to get the idea to brick up their yards so you can’t see their trees and gardens. I’m pretty sure all the trees are still there (the occasional pomegranate still falls into the courtyard from my neighbor), but all I get to see is white tile. Not sure what the point in living in a courtyard-surrounding apartment complex is anymore!

    Lori Anns last blog post..Shower Supply Simplification

  4. Lori Ann – yeah….why do people just love to “change the landscape” so dramatically. It’s like my friends house in Phoenix where all of the yards are closed in by cinder block walls. Just doesn’t feel like a warm environment, does it?

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