Number 5 plastic is not so “trashy” afterall!

Yes… Number 5 plastic. She has a reputation, and it’s not good!

(Why am I calling Number 5 a “she” anyhow?  For all the problems she causes, maybe we should officially make Number 5 a “he”… sorry gents!)

But we all know Number 5.  These shiny plastic containers always seems to find their way into our homes, but many curbside recycling programs don’t accept them, and they leave us feeling guilty after we enjoy our yogurt and other “5” products.  Unfortunately, I’ve also learned that often times, even if they are accepted, they aren’t truly ‘recycled’ because they get sent to Asia to be burned for energy.  Not exactly an environmental outcome.

So let me help you with that guilt… with thanks to Preserve.  There are two ways to recycle these plastics and prevent them from hitting the landfill:  drop off your Number 5s at a Whole Foods Market or mail them directly to Preserve.  They’ll turn them into toothbrushes, razors, tableware, kitchenware and a bunch of household items, all manufactured here in the USA!

The cycle can even continue if you send your Preserve toothbrushes and razors BACK to Preserve and they’ll be re-recycled into plastic lumber for park benches, decking, etc.  If you can find the time to collect them, drop them off or mail them in, these plastics will get the recycling they deserve.  And this is truly the epitome of “reuse”!

Finally, a solution for the “Number 5 guilt” and a way to change that “trashy” reputation!

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5 thoughts on “Number 5 plastic is not so “trashy” afterall!

  1. I love Preserve & Stonyfield yogurt. What a great combination. We’ve been using Preserve toothbrushes and razors for a while now and really like them. My kids think the colors and animal designs are the best.

  2. Beth – I honestly have never seen Preserve products but now that I’ve discovered them, you better believe I’m going to find them!

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  4. Number 5 plastic is resistant to many common acids and bases, so you can also reuse it. Check out “Polypropylene Chemical Resistance” to get more specifics.

    Oh, and the gender? It’s an inanimate object, you can use “it”, no sexism needed.

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