One week challenge: Zero Ziplocs

I used to be a junkie. Ziploc this, Ziploc that… I had a problem.

And not to specifically “pick” on the Glad Ziplocs, but they were definitely my “baggie of choice!”  I’m talking about any kind of re-sealable, zippered storage bag… used for every ridiculous thing under the sun.  I used them for food, snacks, storage, organizing, saving… anything.  Literally anything.

I’m proud to say, I kicked the habit.  Although I used to roll my eyes at my father-in-law’s demand that they got washed and reused, I now see the wisdom of his ways.  But I have almost kicked them entirely.  At the start of the school year, I talked about purchasing a slew of reusable containers to send in our daughter’s school lunches and I am so proud that she has never, ever had a lunch with a throw-away baggie.  And every time we venture away from home, we still only use reusable containers for the snacks.

I don’t need to tell you the effects of constantly adding these disposable plastic bags to landfills… I’m sure you already know.  They’re easy to use, but when you think about how often they’re overused, it results in a lot of waste.

But what would you do if a Ziploc thief came and snatched your stash in the middle of the night and you couldn’t have them back?  What would you do?  I know what you would do… you would find an alternative. Probably a sealable, reusable container that would do the same duty.

So here is my challenge.  Try it for a week. Could you do it?  I bet you could; you would find a better way and use all of those containers you’ve been saving.

And if you could do it for a week, I’ll bet you could do it for… ooh, I don’t know… always!

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10 thoughts on “One week challenge: Zero Ziplocs

  1. Doreen,
    That is great info and a great challenge. In our house we have gotten away from all plastic storage containers for food, we use glass due to the leaching of chemicals into food. We do still use ziploc on occasion but they are washed over and over again, and like I said, not for food.
    I once read; Plastic, like diamonds lasts forever.

    sharis last blog post..Saving Water

  2. shari – you’re right! Glass is probably the best choice of all. But just curious… what do you use to cover or seal the glass bowls or containers?

  3. Hi Doreen,

    Glad you are using the reusable containers. I too am a container nut though plastic is the best option for now. The trick is to make all purchases with containers and eliminate plastic packaging waste.

  4. John – I absolutely agree. It’s really not that difficult to do either… a little bit of effort and the “challenge” is a breeze!

  5. I have kicked the baggie habit also. Especially with kid snacks. The cheerios just get smooshed to oblivion anyways. A reusable container makes sense. Cheaper too!

    Jessicas last blog post..Just had to ask

  6. Jessica – ditto! There are so many advantages to “real” containers, but it’s that ease of disposables that everyone seems to have a hard time giving up!

  7. I LOVE these fun alternatives to ziploc bags (for snacks & sandwiches):

    I make my own – very similar to these – and dipping the inner-lining in linseed oil first creates a water-resistant oilcloth (ACTUAL oilcloth, not the fake PVC stuff they try to sell us now!). Plus, it’s fun to let kids pick out the fabrics they like, which also helps create a sense of ownership so that they take care of them (i.e. remember to bring them home from school).

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