“Reusable” isn’t JUST for shopping bags anymore…

innob 2My kids are in the midst of their Spring Break and every “break” requires some PLENTY OF fun too, my friends.  We’re off to a little spring vacation and plan to drive just a few hours away and spend a couple days visiting the Columbus Zoo and COSI science center.

While packing for my kids means clothes, socks, undies, shoes, jammies, toiletries, stuffed “buddies”, favorite pillows (yes, that whole huge list) it also means thinking ahead to snack and beverage time.  These “bring alongs” also need some foresight if we don’t want to create a bunch of trash along the way too!

For us… single serving? Never! I have a bunch of reusable containers and water bottles that will accompany us every step of the way.  They’ll be filled, washed and refilled every single day. We won’t need to overspend or throw away a thing. (See that red Sigg over there?  Yep, that’s mine!) sigg bottles

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve had another mom notice our snacks and drinks on an excursion and proclaim “What a good idea! Why didn’t I think of that!” (while she simultaneously doles out a fortune for her kids snack time and then throws away the trash).

Make it a habit for every time you’re away from home. And it’s not just for when you plan a trip or special outing either… even school lunches need the same close attention to reduce our waste.  Over the course of the school year, just one child can produce 67 pounds of trash from lunches alone!

innob 1And don’t forget about baby either. (I no longer have one of “those”, but) I just also discovered Innobaby.  They have a great line of on-the-go storage containers, and all are made from the highest quality food grade materials, are BPA-free, and contain no phthalates, PVC or latex… a perfect, and safe, choice.

Every time you’re away from home, think ahead to the needs of the whole family. Fill your drink bottles, pack-up your reusable containers with snacks and munchies and, by using your reusables, you’ll be waste-free and guilt-free too.

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5 thoughts on ““Reusable” isn’t JUST for shopping bags anymore…

  1. I love my reusables. The only problem I’ve had is with kids leaving the containers behind at school, and they then may get thrown out. It took me a bit to figure out that the plastic containers that originally held lunch meat (my mom saves & hands down the containers) were being treated as disposable when my daughter forgot them. Had to buy better containers to limit that issue.

    Now the only problem is getting the house gnome to return all the lids that keep going missing.

  2. Have been looking into this topic for a while and suggest to the interested to look at a few sources. My personal favorites are Terracycle, ETSY and a few otthers. They have upcycled products that range from reusable: cantiners with lids to food wrappers that you can use over and over. Key word searches using the words: Bento, Tiffin and variations of the theme like upcycled products will lead to intersesting directions.
    For those who might not know Bento is a Japanese lunch box but with both style and social status implied. A lover, friend or parent prepares a bento to be nurishing and art for the eyes and other senses. All with compartments for both food seperation and compartmentization. Old school tuperware seemed to have copied both the Bento box and Tiffin. The Tiffin is also a lunch continer. Some have seen those bike carts in Indian cities stacked with metal canisters. They have numbers and letters written on them. The clients actually pay the company to deliver the lunch they make themselves and drop it off or set in a planned location to be delivered at luch time, The whole system is a logistic marvel that is and has been studied by western orginizations for decades. Tiffin are metal containers that stack and stay attached to one another. A mess kit is a simplified version of the idea. One sight or other has a fork, spoon and chop stick kit placed in an upcycled wrapper that velcrows closed. The impliments are bambo and the wrapper is repurposed material comes in like three colors.

  3. An idea on the whole lid and conatiner loss problem. How about attaching them to one another? A length of say fish line or other other wear and water resistant material. Regular cotton thread won’t do well in the dish washer but start thinking about stuff that will. I find myself collecting things like shoe strings when the shoes wear out they are pretty useful. Close the empty container and think about how it is used. With the purpose in mind measure your lid tether to allow the normal use of the container. Super glue to an outside surface might make the whole thing work. Be aware that hot glue might function at temp ranges lower than your dish washer does. Not sure if this will work have yet to impliment it in my home but plan to field test soon. Good luck.

  4. Stephanie – yes, I agree! It’s sometimes worth it to invest in nice reusables so they don’t get mistaken for trash. I also invested in some name labels for my kids, from Stuck On You (mentioned in this post: http://www.momgoesgreen.com/don%E2%80%99t-pack-trash-for-lunch/ ) They have literally endured years of washing and reusing, and… with my kids name on them… they never get mistaken for disposable! Take a look… they’re fantastic!

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