Simple buying tip: rechargeable batteries are mighty green!

btteriesEach year over THREE BILLION dry cell batteries are sold in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of trash that will eventually end up in a landfill, adding toxic chemicals and metals to our ground, air and water.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve priced rechargeable batteries and their initial cost looks frightful, but did you know that just four rechargeable batteries can replace approximately 100 regular alkaline batteries?!?!?

The cost of buying four rechargeable AA batteries (with its charger, mind you!) is equivalent to buying a 20-pack of single-use disposable AA batteries.  By my math calculations, you’ll be saving about $60 in the long run and that not only sounds eco-friendly, but also wallet-friendly to me!rechrg btteries

Today’s alkaline batteries are much safer than they were prior to 1997, but they still can’t be recycled, but guess what?… rechargeable batteries CAN! As always, you can check out Earth911, drop them off at any Batteries Plus location near you or ask at your local home improvement/hardware store or drugstore.  Some will even accept alkaline, button cell and lithium batteries for proper disposal too.

Face it, many of us are parents with kids that have far too many electronics and toys that require mountains of batteries, but you can help reduce your corner of the mountain by investing in some rechargeables instead!

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4 thoughts on “Simple buying tip: rechargeable batteries are mighty green!

  1. Wow, did not know the rechargeable batteries were recyclable. That’s great news. I’m always torn over this one because I don’t seem to get much life out of the rechargeables, but I’ll keep trying them. Also, we have a household hazardous waste program here that accepts batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and old paint among other things. Keep you eye out for such a program where you live so you can keep those toxics out of the land fill.

  2. Gus – Yes! A little fact that I just learned too… that’s why I wanted to share… we are just starting to jump on the bandwagon for this one too… time will tell, but even once you already have the charger and can just buy new rechargeables (AND recycle the dead rechargeables), it’s still a whole lot more earth-friendly and economical in the long run!

  3. I’m like Gus, they don’t hold a charge very long and it’s difficult to keep them handy (like in the car where they lose a lot of the charge) for when we’re away from home. I’ve got them but alternate between using them and using regular ones. I’m looking for a craft project using used ones. Any ideas out there???

  4. Rechargeable battery technology has come along way in recent years and there are now rechargeable batteries that hold their charge for much longer. They are called ready to use or low self discharge batteries. Two popular brands are Sanyo Eneloop and Vapex Instant. Also make sure you get a quality battery charger with 4 independent charging channels and delta v microprocessor control to charge the batteries properly. Cheaper timer controlled battery chargers can over charge or under charge your batteries and reduce the life of them considerably. If you get the low self discharge batteries and a quality charger you can’t go wrong. You will be saving money and the environment at the same time.

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