Simple choice: disposable or reusable?

solo br cupsOkay my friends… it’s as simple as this.  We had a choice.

Many people were going to visit our house.  The keg was calling out for a party.  Do you buy disposable cups or reusables? Quick! Make your choice.

It sounds crazy, I know, but I found myself facing this ridiculous question.  What… do… you … do?

I went to the dollar store. I bought cups. I bought reusable cups. I walked away from the disposables… and guess what?  We were just fine.  Everyone followed the rules.  They used the cups. They deposited them back into the kitchen.  They found their way into a (full) dishwasher. They were washed. They were stored for the next gathering. We threw NOTHING away. We won’t need to spend more money next time either. The next time, “we already have cups”.

Success. Yes. No trash. That’s all you need to do.  Wise choices, my friends.  Wise choices.

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3 thoughts on “Simple choice: disposable or reusable?

  1. Congratulations an “adult” party was had. What i mean is that your party guests acted like responsable adults. I’m a fan of hard cider in a keg myself. And a little trivia: full kegs take upwards of 6 peoples to carry and stand about as tall as a 50 gallon drum. Half and quarter kegs are sold at most supliers. Not even sure full kegs are sold anymore.

  2. Aloha

    If we all would take a little time out of our ever so busy lives and did a little Waster-Sizing, we would not only be setting examples for young and old, we would also be getting some priceless exercise and assisting Mother Earth, going to the beach, park, lake or just around your neighborhood, lets face it, we are all in this neighborhood together and we “All” should be setting examples by walking the walk, leaving only smiles, education and footprints behind.
    May the force be with us all.

    Gerry aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

    RodMcNeil.TV” src=”*JMOHXQvpzjjK0tp3/574094907.jpeg?width=136″ width=”136″>
    Gerry “Koto” Rasmus in Thailand—Keeper of the Oceans—on RodMcNeil.TV

  3. Recently saw some stories on a couple new shows like NBC and The Journal with Joan Lunden that were talking about the importance of industrial recycling. This article get me thinking about, What if big buisness did similar things like kept giant containers for transporting raw materials and reused them, or delivered supllies to vendors in reusable packages. Great article.

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