Simple tip: The greenest way to wash your car

car wsh kdzLike many parts of the country, my “neck of the woods” has been serving up some pretty rainy weather.  Doing much outside has been an anomaly, unless you’re a duck or enjoy ankle-deep mud. (Me?  Not a duck.  Don’t like mud.)

Add to that the street construction around my neighbor and, as a result, my car is filthy… constantly.  My kids happen to love helping to wash the car but not when it’s 45 degrees and raining.  Despite it all, I still need to get the road gunk off the car!

Have you ever wondered about the greenest way to wash your car? Well, much to my kids’ dismay, a commercial car wash is actually the greenest choice.

Commercial car washes use about 60% less water than do-it-yourself methods.  (And for my family, when you car wshadd all of the additional time spraying each other with the hose… well, that percentage is probably higher!) They’re also required to treat and filter the water before they release it into the environment… another big bonus.  And, if you wash at home (and don’t use eco-friendly cleaners) it just ends up going directly into the environment.

Next time your car is in need of a good washin’, don’t sweat it.  Drive through a commercial car wash and recognize that you’re NOT being lazy… you’re getting your car squeaky clean and keeping it squeaky “green”!

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3 thoughts on “Simple tip: The greenest way to wash your car

  1. They may be greener (and a whole lot more simple) but I also find most of them to be notoriously bad about actually getting your car clean. Although a bucket and a few rags may not be the best eco-friendly alternative, it will definitely produce a better looking job, without risk of breaking things off your car. Plus, you can waste a whole lot of water when you consider the price of these auto car washes. Here in Germany, it costs me almost $20 to run my SUV through one of these things…and it really only seems to get the top layer of dust off.
    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Tiffany – well, $20 is certainly a hefty price to pay! Here in the states, it is a whole lot more economical. I can get a wash for $5 and sometimes even free with a gasoline fill-up. When a commercial wash isn’t economically feasible, the best things to do is work at making sure you use the water frugally and choosing an eco-friendly cleaner in the process… thanks for you input! 🙂

  3. Found a waterless towel system when i helped an older lady out while going to school years ago. In up state NY winters get quite cold bellow zero at some points. So the lady i worked for had me use a Kozak Cloth on her car in her garage. Just wiped the dry but dirty car off with it and it trapped the dirt. Not sure if it is still sold i used it in the early 90’s. For that matter not sure i spelled it right.

    Tiffany here where we live if you go to a place and spend over $10.00 you get a pretty decent cleaning. The moving kind has guys doing some hands on things while the pull in and park it are completely automated and brushless. Upwards of $35.00 gets you wax also. One machine or company calls the thing laser wash and even gives the user choice of service level. i have to admit that the automated one has like 5 kinds of purple and they look really cool before the system works them over.

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