Simple tip: You don’t need an electric iron… ever.

wtr spray bttlSome people find comfort in ironing… I happen not to be one of those people. But who hasn’t pulled something out of a closet or drawer and thought “okay, if I wear this ‘as is’, someone will think I slept in it!”

Well, electric irons happen to use an extraordinary amount of energy to power, but I have a simple way to never plug-in an electric iron again… all you need is a simple sprayer bottle filled with water.

Depending on the garment or item all you need to do is the following:

  • Place the item on top of a flat surface, mist each side with water, smooth with your hands and give it about 15 minutes to dry. You can also hang the item and do the exact same.  On the fly, I’ve actually done this while WEARING the item!
  • For really stubborn wrinkles, saturate the area with water a bit more than a simple mist, smooth with your hands and give a bit more time to dry… and voila, goodbye wrinkles!
  • (For items that must be dry cleaned, remember these tips, but this will safely work even for dry cleaned items that get some wrinkles!)

Sure, it won’t save the planet, but truly, give it a try… it WILL save energy and you, too, may never plug-in another electric iron again!

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2 thoughts on “Simple tip: You don’t need an electric iron… ever.

  1. The commercial wrinkle releaser stuff suggests giving the item a streach. On TV today a morning show suggested hanging an item by the morning shower to get the wrinkles out. Old timers will tell how the night before they put the “good suit” under the matress and over the box spring the night before. Never tried that one. I drip dry most of my washing, the right position when drying can save you a step. Dresses and dress shirts go on a hanger as they would in the closet. Fold over dress pants and the like over a drying rack as it would be folded when put away.

  2. When Plastic fuzing you have to use an Iron. Best way to reuse plastic shopping bags. The second best way is to cut bag into loops and link them with knots and use it as plastic yarn.

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