Spend Earth Day with Disneynature’s “Earth” (+ giveaway!)


(This giveaway is now closed for entries… congratulations “Marisa”!)

Last year was the first time we really participated in Earth Day.  We planted a small tree in our yard (that shortly thereafter became a deer’s lunch… but at least we tried!), read some books about the Earth and had an eco-friendly dinner complete with some dirt for dessert (don’t call the authorities – it was just the dessert that LOOKS like dirt!)earth-elephants

This year I was so excited to learn that Disneynature is premiering its first film, Earth, on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.  The trailer looks just incredible.  Narrated by James Earl Jones, this film tells the remarkable story of three animal families and their amazing journey across the planet we all call home.  Earth combines rare action, unimaginable scale and impossible locations by capturing the most intimate moments of our planet’s wildest and most elusive creatures.  In fact, it’s directed by the same creative team behind the Planet Earth series (that we love!).

To make this an even more impactful event, Disneynature will also plant a tree in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (the most endangered rain forest in the world), in honor of every moviegoer who sees the film in its opening week.  If a weekday viewing isn’t possible, you can plan for the weekend too, and still make a difference!

canvas-toteTo top off this great effort, Disneynature has also offered a giveaway to a Mom Goes Green reader.  This Earth-branded package (valued at $60) includes a canvas tote, a biodegradable tumbler, a fleece blanket and a tree seedling (that hopes NOT to become a lunch!).  To enter this contest, just leave a comment and tell me how you will spend Earth Day this year. You can also send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog or write about this giveaway and link back.earth-whales

A random winner will be selected one week from today’s post (US residents only, please… sorry!)

So plan your Earth Day activities, schedule a viewing of Earth and enter to win… all in celebration of this great planet we share!

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21 thoughts on “Spend Earth Day with Disneynature’s “Earth” (+ giveaway!)

  1. This Earth Day, we (me, our 9 year old son and husband) will be in Yosemite. We will be participating in a park-organized bike ride/scavenger hunt through the park while rangers talk about their conservation efforts/projects. We can’t wait!

  2. I just recently found your blog and love checking in for great ideas! To celebrate Earth Day this year, I will probably proceed as usual (work, school, etc.). Each year, though, I make a green resolution for myself – something that I can realistically incorporate into my life. This year, the goal is to reduce paper use in our home by removing paper towels from the kitchen counter and replacing them with a pile of cloth napkins and reusable rags. The Earth movie sounds incredible and I would love to have the giveaway to share with my friends. Thanks for offering it!

  3. I hope to spend this Earth day enjoying just that – the Earth! Our planet has so many cool things going on, from beaches to mountains to blue waters to deep seas….perhaps the library would be the best place to start!

  4. Hi, love your post! I have a blog and it can discouraging sometimes can’t it? Maybe its just me but sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself! I check you (your site) out often! Thanks for the great tips! For Earth day I plan on having a picnic dinner on our acre of land. We have a bunch of animals due to have babies around that time so hopefully we will have a mess of baby guests!

  5. I will spend Earth Day launching many green fundraisers for schools around the U.S. We hope each fundraiser will encourage parents across the U.S. at the participating schools to have a conversation about how special our Earth is with their child(ren).

    Just found your blog on a listing of 100 Great Mom blogs…I’ll be back!


  6. The movie sounds really cute. I’m not sure if I’ll be working or not but I do plan on putting some more plants outdoors. I might trade you a sun baked brown stick from Arizona for a deer snack, lol.

  7. We will be at the local earth day celebration– lots of activities for the kids, and educational stuff about the environment.

  8. We will for sure be attending the movie! My hubs works at a movie theater and we are blessed to receive free movie passes…so there is no holding us back! I am going to take our own bowl for popcorn just to make a statement about the amount of waste with all the bags they throw out. Also, there is a local Earth Day celebration in our downtown park for the kids 🙂 Fun!

  9. Hi Doreen, love this site. I have started with using green bags for my groceries. one store I went to put the plastic bags inside my canvas bags. When I explained not to do that -it defeats the purpose the checker said she was only trying to keep my green bags nice. We had a chat about the purpose of not using plastic. trying to get my kids to save on electricity, reuse lunchbags, etc. I’ll keep reading for more ideas. Thanks mary

  10. I was just looking to buy tickets to this movie. I saw the trailer and it looks amazing!
    We plan to celebrate Earth Day with a picnic (weather permitting), the movie and planting a tree on the weekend. Oh, yeah – and we of course will have ice cream – not that you need a special reason for that!

  11. We are looking forward to seeing the movie! Usually we go to the zoo, so this year we are going to have a lot to keep us busy!!

  12. We will be participating in an event in town where they are planting trees and then we will plant 2 fruit trees in our yard.

  13. i belong to a movie club (instead of a book club). in addition to the movie previously selected, i’ll be seeing the movie “EARTH” on earth day, having invited any of the club members to join me. the kids are participating in several earth day activities at school and we’ll be having an earth-friendly (organic, locally grown vegetarian style) supper. HAPPY EARTH DAY TO ALL!

  14. My kids will be on school vacation, and I was planning a “green” birthday party for my daughter. I plan on taking the group to see “Earth!”

  15. Hi Doreen,

    More than likely, I will be going to see Earth with my husband and daughter. We also will do some recycling, work some more on starting our garden, and depending on the weather, will have a picnic in our yard.

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  17. Planning on planting another tree in our yard. It’s getting full of trees thanks to all of the earth events!

  18. Great contest! we will have an all organic dinner, go for a walk near our nature center and enjoy the day!

  19. My wife is the planner, but I know she has something up her sleeve. Probaby planting some seeds and a fun dinner.

  20. Thanks for entering everyone! And congratulations to “Marisa” – winner of the “Earth” giveaway! Please keep checking back for more giveaways in the very near future and good luck! 🙂

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