The Board’s on board!

Recently I talked about being on the Boards of both of our kids’ schools. I was mortified that our son’s Preschool didn’t even recycle.

Well, the Preschool Board is on board! The teachers agreed to implement recycling in the classroom and one of the Moms picked up the curbside recycling receptacles from the city for me. We are good to go! Now all I need to do is get something for the classrooms to collect our recycling before it goes curbside.

Youth is the most critical time for earth-friendly practices to be instilled in our little ones. It’s a great lesson for the kids and a wonderful habit to recycle. Kid recyclers turn into adult recyclers.

And if all goes well, every one of them will go home and hassle their parents to make sure their family is doing the same! Step #1 in “School Challenge” accomplished. Only dozens and dozens of steps to go!!!

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4 thoughts on “The Board’s on board!

  1. Congrats! Good for you!
    I’ve found that all it takes sometimes is for one person to ask about recycling to effect instant change.
    No one wants to be the only one “not with the times” Especially a school!

    Our school got 2 of the big paper recycling dumpsters. Look into those if you can. The school earns money for what they collect! Also, every other month they get one of the local scrap places to bring a huge “roll off” dumpster. It’s so tall that you couldn’t possibly steal metal out of it, so it’s safe that way. It only stays for a week, but everyone in the community brings their scrap for the “limited time” so the school can earn extra money that way too!

  2. Happy – thanks for the great locator! I checked it out for my area and all the bins I’m aware of are listed!…including our daughter’s elementary school! Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!

    M – I’m wondering, at what point will I start getting resistance! So far, so good, but I think I’ll handle them! 🙂 And those dumpsters/bins ARE great. I wish more organizations would realize that it’s a win-win situation. You help the environment and your organization gets a financial reward!

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