The jokester side of Mother Nature

This summer was the first year I haven’t used weed killer in my flower gardens. This change happened after a beloved friend of mine “took a tone” with me last year when I said I accidentally sprayed weed killer on my flowers because I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was my deer repellent. He said it was karma for using the weed killer!

I’m not really a gardener and can’t say that I enjoy it that much. Although I would love a vegetable garden, our treed yard doesn’t really allow for it. I do, however, spend a lot of time outside with my kids and LOVE to have a pretty yard, with lots of flowers. My kids love to plant seeds, help me water (the flowers and each other) and watch the seeds eventually sprout to blooms. Problem is – weeds!… a cruel gift of that jokester, Mother Nature.

I don’t know about you, but around here we have lots of annoying weeds that sprout up everywhere. They’ll even pop-up in cracks in the concrete. Those little helicopter-whirlygig seeds that come off the maple trees are driving me insane. Every single one of them has spawned its own tree in my flower gardens. Today, while weeding by hand, I stomped on one of those awful prickly weeds. It made me howl just like when I was a kid and stomped on them barefoot in the yard while playing.

Weed killers made it so easy, however, the problem with weed killers is this — they contain Glyphosate, which is acutely toxic to humans and animals, carcinogenic, mutagenic, has been linked to reproductive defects and is harmful to the environment. I suppose that’s a pretty good reason for me to feel uncomfortable spraying them around my yard and fearing that my kids would come in contact with them. Add to that the guilt of those precious little toes running through a chemically fertilized lawn and I was a basket case!

Needless to say, all of the above are off my list and out of my yard. Next time someone needs me, I’ll probably be knee-deep in weeds, but I’ll be chemical free!

And by the way, although we never officially cancelled our service, and after months of not showing, we learned that our lawn care company (for fertilizing and weed killing!) went bankrupt over the winter, so I guess that was a “sign” and a little bit of karma too!

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8 thoughts on “The jokester side of Mother Nature

  1. I enjoyed reading through your blog – which I found on the best green blogs. Your husband Jim sounds similar to my husband – except I need to keep on him about the water. Honey your water only requires an inch a week – not an inch every 5 minutes.

    Great Job – keep going green

    Jen Ds last blog post..Mother’s going GREEN Day 33 – Cloth Napkins

  2. I dunno, I bet you can find yard services that are chemical conscious. That seems like a great way to acquire clients. It takes a few years, but (I hear) you can get ahead of the weed problem if you’re faithful. I personally do not have a weed problem. Of course, that’s due to that fact that I cannot seem to keep any plants alive. I’m all about supporting the park’s services!

    tracys last blog post..For My Mom

  3. Jen D – Thanks for the compliment! I’ve seen your blog too…great job as well! But help me….what is the water thing?

    Tracy – You know, during a recent trip to our Zoo we did see a sign for a “green” lawn service. I just need to remember the name or make another trip to the Zoo and make that happen! Good idea!

  4. Elaine — That’s it! Thank you! And thanks for the heads-up on the vinegar too. I had read about a number of homemade remedies that included dish soap, but that didn’t seem very environment, so I will give the straight up vinegar a try!

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