The simple math of recycling.

plasticbottlesI’ve always been a huge advocate of recycling.  It’s one of those practices that I honestly find inexcusable when most communities make it fairly simple to participate at home… not all, but most.

It’s not always as easy when we’re away from home but, 100% of the time, if a recycling option isn’t made available to me, my recycling comes home with me (as proven by last year’s vacation to Myrtle Beach!).  I feel even more committed (and sure that I made the right decision) after I see images like these to put it all into perspective.

If it doesn’t feel like a critical issue, just consider the numbers:

  • TWO MILLION – the number of plastic beverage bottles used in the US every 5 minutes.
  • 1.14 MILLION – the number of brown paper supermarket bags used in the US every hour.
  • 15 MILLION – the number of sheets of office paper used in the US every 5 minutes.
  • 106,000 – the number of aluminum cans used in the US every 30 seconds.

It’s shocking taluminumcanso think that, if we DON’T recycle, they all become landfill. What a waste… literally.

Sometimes it’s good to get back to the fundamentals… recycling is certainly fundamental when it comes to “being green”, but its importance is immense.  This month consider helping a non-recycler “get started on the road to recycle-ville” or get a recycling program set-up at work. Every little bit makes a difference.

Take a look.  It’s simple math… the numbers sure add up!

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