Three thoughtless things…

… that have been on my mind…and just won’t go away, so here goes:

nwf-magazines2To the marketing department at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) – we subscribe each of our kids to one of your children’s magazines, because they are both fun and educational, but why, oh why (when both of their subscriptions expire in JULY) have you been sending us renewal reminder notices in the mail every month since DECEMBER!?!  We also subscribe because we consider it a contribution to a great cause but you are wasting a TON of paper on these mailings as well as eating up the money, in your expenses, that we are trying to contribute!  We get it; we’ll renew, but really… cut it out!  (Yes, I emailed them.)

To AXA Equitable that manages my 401K rollover – that Annual Report that you sent is like a New York City Metropolitan phone book.  I neither read it, nor understand it.  What a waste.  Let your clients opt-IN to receive them.  I want to opt-OUT of that unbelievable waste!… and I did!

To the knuckhead who tossed the trash out of their car window and into the middle of my street – are you serious?  Honestly?  You couldn’t find a better way to get rid of your trash? How about… oh, I don’t know?…. a TRASH CAN!  (Aughhh!)  You must know the guy with the newspaper!

(And to the sweet elderly gentleman who backed up, got out of your car, and picked up the trash before I could get out of my slipper and into my shoes – THANK YOU!  At least someone is thinking… and considerate!)

Did some senseless, thoughtless waste “get to you” this week?  Feel free to vent… you’ll feel better!  I sure do!  (….now breathe!)

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3 thoughts on “Three thoughtless things…

  1. NWF is the same organization that sent me a donation request that offered grocery shopping bags as the gift for making your donation. I went online to donate online instead, but the grocery shopping bag offer was not available online. The only way to get the bags was to send in your payment through regular mail. I imagine a lot of these corporations outsource their fundraising and/or subscription services, but they could still pay much better attention.

  2. Elesa – I agree! NWF is a wonderful organization and as a result of my post I was thrilled to hear from Danielle FROM NWF! She was so receptive and actually thanked me for the post. And while they may outsource their fundraising, they certainly have to approve of what is being sent and how. She said that they hope this will change soon and we my actually chat at some point! (Thanks, Danielle!) 🙂 Also, please check back tomorrow… I’m actually doing a post about animals that are in danger of extinction and will include NWF!

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