Tiny tees for your little Revolutionary.

Much to the occasional dismay of our kids, I am a mom who refuses to buy clothing that is a walking billboard for TV and movie characters.  Call me a downer, but if my kids are going to carry a message, I don’t want them to be a free advertisement (that I paid for!).

tiny-revThey do however have some clothing that carries a message that I’m proud to have them sport.  My daughter has a tee that says “Love Trees, Please” and another shouting “Go Green!”  We are quite a pair when I’m donning my own “Go Green” tee.

Now I’ve discovered a great little clothing company and our son is getting in on the action.  From Tiny Revolutionary, his tee proclaims “I’ll Change the World Someday!” (and I have no doubt that he will!)

Tiny Revolutionary is a great place for “little one’s” tees, when you want them to carry a message that has meaning.  Whether it’s changing the world, recycling, driving a hybrid, or sharing some love, Tiny tiny-rev-tRevolutionary has it covered!  They’re made of organic cotton, recycled polyester & rayon (mined from the cell walls of plants!) and non-toxic, water-based dyes; plus a portion of the proceeds from sales go to some fabulously worthwhile charities.  Not only do these adorable tees feel good, they also make YOU feel good!

For a generous 20% discount, enter coupon code:  GREENMOM (with the exception of their “Giving Tees”) or check out their facebook page for all kinds of coupons and contests.

The next time your tiny revolutionary wants to sport a princess or a superhero, consider letting them shout a message that will change the world instead!

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5 thoughts on “Tiny tees for your little Revolutionary.

  1. Those are adorable with wonderful messages! I agree with you about the commercialized clothing and backpacks, etc. I don’t want to pay for their advertising either. These tees send a much better message. Love them. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!

  2. Thanks for the info Doreen! These are wonderful! Would so much prefer this over the “other stuff” that is out there. Especially Bratz girls- dont even get me started!! They are banned from our home 😉 Anyway- these look so cute! smilinggreenmom

  3. love this! Check out our Organic Apparel. 70% bamboo 30% Organic Cotton. We are spreading Eco-Awarness one shirt at a time!!! We have the cutest onsies that say “make a change…my future depends on it”.

    Im following you on twitter….follow me back and see my green news! Have a great day! Love what your doing.


  4. You’re absolutely right PureMothers, those tees are adorable. And not only are they adorable but also teaches our little ones love the nature and care for it. Even through those small ways, there are hearts that could be moved. I’m happy about this stuff because I’m also an advocate of organic garments. In fact, I wear bamboo Cherokee scrubs.

  5. Pure – they are super cute and so unbelievably soft too!

    Caroline – AUGH! Do NOT get me started on Bratz either! Those are banned from our home too. AWFUL! They look like hookers!

    Nicki – thanks for another source!

    macy – organic garments are great!

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