‘Tis the season… more ways to “give green”… guilt-free!

Yes, ‘tis the season and the clock is tick, tick, ticking away (a week and counting…. eek!).

I recently wrote about some of my favorite ways to give, with some tangible and intangible ideas for giving the gift of green and/or helping the environment and some of its inhabitants.  Well, as I realize ideas I didn’t give or discover more great options, I can’t help but want to continue to share… especially because of that damn “ticking clock” and the stress of it all.

So, I know a lot of us would prefer to give “something”, but if you give something, there are a lot of great ways to give a gift that doesn’t impact the planet like traditional giving… so, give these some thought:

  • Give a live plant.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful plant to liven & brighten their home while consuming some CO2 and giving some oxygen!
  • Give an organic fruit basket. (Be sure to refer to my do and do not buy organics list!)
  • Give a framed work of art… not from a famous artist… one created by your kids… or YOU, for that matter.  It would mean more than a Picasso to most recipients!
  • Give your best homemade “goodie” and share the recipe! Or simply share the recipes of some of your favorite dishes.
  • Give a “helping” certificate. Whether it’s for running errands, babysitting, cooking a dinner on request or even setting-up a “non-recycler” with all of the tools to start recycling, it will be appreciated!
  • Give CFLs or recycled batteries & a charger. They’re energy saving and keep nasty trash from landfills.  Plus, it’s like handing over $$ because they will save, save, save!
  • Give a handmade gift… like a candleholder made from a glass jar or a pen holder from a can.    Get creative, use recycled materials and remnants… you’re creative, so CREATE!
  • Give something that can be used. If the recipient won’t use it, it’s waste.  Sounds harsh, but    it’s true.

Still not finding something that feels like “the one”?  Well, there are still lots more ways to “give back” and give the gift of green.  Please consider:

  • Change the Present – you can contribute and honor someone by helping to restore a fragile ecosystem in Kenya, purchase carbon offsets, plant trees, preserve wildlands, adopt wildlife or any one of about 1600 causes of your choice!

And if you feel you need to give a more traditional gift, at least check out:

  • Treehugger Holiday Gift Guide – for over 100 green gift ideas, from gadgets to fashions to toys
  • MSN Green – everything under the sun, including a terrific list of 25 great green gifts under $25

Is your head spinning?  Well, just grab that “to do” gift list and look no further for answers… I hope I’ve given you everything you need to cross off the entire list.

(frame image from:  www.kidsartframes.com )

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5 thoughts on “‘Tis the season… more ways to “give green”… guilt-free!

  1. OMG! The plant idea is such a good idea and so is the home made gift. I have been trying to come up with a gift for my dad and could not come up with something fun and thoughtful. Now, how am I putting that together…I have 3 plants that I have been rooting and I am going to find matching pots and replant them for him. By spring they will be firmly rooted and ready for his back porch. Great Job! Of course the down side I will just run out to Gailes and buy some over priced pots because you did come up with this a month ago…so really this is your fault. Now I feel better. Merry Christmas and keep the ideas coming.

  2. Robert – You’re welcome! And thanks for the great job you’re doing too!

    Matt – So glad to help!!!… I think?!?!? Now get to plantin’!!!

  3. Hiya Doreen! Sorry I have been out of commission lately. Have missed reading your blog but am enjoying getting caught up. Love the gift ideas! At our house, we are making homemade soap with my 3 year old to give away as gifts. I found a really neat recipe in the Kiwi Magazine that includes quick oats which make mini loofah bars of soap. Hope you have a very greeny Christmas!

    Kimberly Stapletons last blog post..Happy Crimbo!

  4. Kimberly – well, welcome back! How are you? Hope all is wonderful! And I love the homemade soap idea! Have a link to that recipe anywhere???

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