Trying a new “Method”

Well, I was stuck. Now I’m a little un-stuck…at least for a few new products.

I’ve been really concerned about soaps, shampoos, lotions…all those things that smell oh, so yummy, but go down the drain …and are full of synthetic chemicals that actually harm our skin and contaminate water and the environment.

Many of them actually commonly contain petroleum synthetics, sulfates that are harmful to the environment and marine life, synthetic stabilizers that contain suspected carcinogens, non-biodegradable detergents and forms of formaldehyde (!?!) preservatives. Well, fabulous! I can hardly wait for my next shower so I can poison the earth and MYSELF!

I’m taking my first step and I’ve replaced our hand soap and my kids’ bath wash and shampoo with Method products. I’ve heard a lot about them (and knew they were available in tons of places) so I’m giving them a try. Method products are naturally-derived, biodegradable products and placed in recycled/recyclable containers from factories and offices that operate using some of the greenest practices I’ve heard of yet!

Not only are they wonderfully green, the packaging is great (my feelings about ugly, green products are no secret!) and they smell fabulous!!! Ahhh! More of my criteria met!

I have to be honest and say that while I purchased them, I haven’t yet put them to use. I still have a small supply of our current products and wouldn’t it be ridiculous to just dump them down the drain??? I mean, they’re going to wind up there anyhow, whether we use them or dump them down in one big blob!…

But I will certainly keep you posted…check ‘em out during your next store visit and let me know what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Trying a new “Method”

  1. Doreen, do you and Jim only talk in these blogs…should I be telling Kev and Jules they may need check in on the two of you????

    I agree some of the “go green” products are a little to basic for most and need a little work before they really get used. So before you get all upset and become a do gooder remember that if you just put those others down the drain that could be worse than having used them in the first place. If you just dump them down the drain that could be much worse to dump that much of a concentrated mix to be sent out to the lake. If you use what’s left you are being cosiderate of the environment and your pocket book. I don’t want you walking down the isles of the stores in your full length mink but if you bought some bad products just finish them off and don’t buy them again…I feel better now, I am starting to think Green because of you. Thanks, Doll.

  2. You can switch to the new product and hang on to the old for an “emergency” or for travel. You can donate the old to the women’s transitional house or to a homeless shelter. You can use the old and start with the new when you are ready.

    Whatever you do, it’s a wonderful thing.

    I love the Method hand wash, dish soap (I use the non-perfumed for dishes) and the laundry detergent!

    Elaines last blog post..G8 summit fails to address major climate issues

  3. yes, i love this product, too.
    Too bad they’ve changed the shape of the bottle and made it 2 oz. smaller for the same price.
    Bye, bye Method…

  4. Matt – yeah, you’d think so, huh? 🙂 We do actually talk, he just likes to remind me how much he dislikes my “scent-less” eco-friendly stuff! And yes, I am using the products I already have before launching into my new products, but it’s getting sooo hard to wait when you have a great new product waiting for you!

    Elaine – all good options too! And yes, I am really liking the Method products … and obviously my husband is too!

    Maria – Unfortunately you would be shocked to find out how many manufacturers are actually doing this with their products….food, beverages, household products. It’s just a sad trend that’s happening across the board.

  5. Maria & all – wanted to let you know that while looking at my own Method products I realized they haven’t downsized their bottles AT ALL! The 12 oz. hand wash is the regular liquid soap. The 10 oz. hand wash in the different shaped bottle isn’t a downsize at all…it’s the FOAMING hand wash, so it’s just a completely different product in the line which doesn’t require as high amount of liquid. So, Method isn’t pulling a switcheroo at all!

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