Umm…Myrtle Beach? Hello!!!

So, a little secret that I didn’t share was that I’ve been away for some time vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my family. And you didn’t even know, did ya?!?!

We stay in a condo on the beach at a wonderful oceanside resort and we were returning this year for the fourth time. We obviously love the place and all of the amenities, however, this time I’m a bit greener than I was last year.

By our first full day I realized that I had been collecting all of my recyclables but had no clue what to do with them. I doubted that daily housekeeping service would take them anywhere besides a trash dumpster. While I was bothered NOT to see any recycling receptacles around the resort, I assumed that there had to be a large recycling bin somewhere on the premises.

So I called the front desk to ask where to deposit them. The woman I spoke to actually laughed. She said “oh no, ma’am. We don’t have any recycling receptacles.” I asked if there were any drop-off points at retail centers, schools, churches… she laughed “oh no, ma’am. We don’t have those either.”

Later that night we had to stop at a gas station. I actually went inside, knowing that the clerk HAD to be local, and asked the same question. The two people in line behind me were obviously local too because they both laughed along with the clerk. I was promptly informed that there were no drop-off sites, anywhere.

I still continued collecting ALL of our recyclables, despite having no where to take them…

Until day number five. As I flipped through TV channels trying to find Headline News, I flipped past the Community Access channel and saw a blue recycling container flash by. I flipped back and started screaming at my poor husband to “write down this number!!!” It was to the local waste and sanitation department.

I called them and asked the question…again. This time no one laughed…however, I was informed that “no ma’am. We don’t have any public receptacles. Only bins for homes. If you want to, I suppose you could drive them down here to our facility.” (…30 minutes away, of course.)

Are…you…serious? Myrtle Beach! What gives?!? Moreover, what’s up with what ISN’T happening?!?

So, what did I do? You’ll have to come back to find out….

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10 thoughts on “Umm…Myrtle Beach? Hello!!!

  1. This is going to bother me…I can just see the look on your face “who do these people think they are dealing with?” And of course you and Jim were most likely insearch of the actual location of the recycling center and once you knew that you then had to find what historic exhibit or maybe the zoo was near so you could make a day trip out of it and drop of your bottles. Oh good lord woman what did you do???
    And the really important question…did you get a good tan?

  2. Matt – ahh….the fun is in the waiting to know!!! 🙂 But I was so unbelievably frustrated, you have NO idea! And yes, got a great tan, but it is fading, fading fast!

  3. Whoah… it’s like an episode of Twilight Zone! I had no idea the rest of the world (I’m in Oregon) didn’t have recycling on every corner. Keep up the good fight Doreen!

  4. Tracy – No kidding! It was shocking! And if you come back and read what I did, you’ll know that I am definitely not giving up the fight!!! 🙂

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