Welcome to our home… so take off your shoes… NOW!

Well, wouldn’t that be the greeting of all greetings when you arrive at my house, but the more I learn, the more I realize this needs to become a new mantra in our home.

I never really thought about all of the horrible things that our shoes encounter (besides our stinky feet!).  Living in the seasonally leafy or snowy and often FREEZING climate in Cleveland my biggest concern was just tracking in dirt and “ick” and salt, but there is much more concern than just dirtyin’ up the joint… chemicals, toxins, pesticides, lead and just all kinds of things we don’t want to come in contact with are the issue.

Case in point… you were just at the gas station for a fill-up… or you trudge across a lawn just sprayed with chemical fertilizer… and DON’T remove your shoes… ugh.  Ugly picture.

I think about all of the time our kids spend playing on the floor, all of the time we ALL spend playing on the floor, and it can actually be like rolling around in a chemical dump if we aren’t careful.  Plus, when they get dragged into our home, these contaminants also become airborne so we actually inhale them too.  Top that off with a study I read about… it said that wearing shoes indoors was a larger source of children’s pesticide exposure than eating non-organic fruits and vegetables!  Okay, I’m convinced!

This weekend we are celebrating both of our kids’ birthdays with our families, and often times, when someone has asked, “do you need me to take off my shoes” I have been timid (yea, ME?  Timid?!) and said “no, you don’t need to” because I assume that question means they really don’t want to.  But this needs to change.

This time I will be parking a large rug right by the front door and hopefully that will avoid the question because it’s already suggesting the “answer!” Maybe, when I make my first million I can be like Tom Cruise and have slippers for everyone at the door.

I know the party is on a Sunday, but for now… come on in, take off your shoes and hope that you left your “holey” (holy?) socks at home!

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to our home… so take off your shoes… NOW!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! My husband actually suggested this a few years ago (and brought up the gas station scenario) and we agreed we’d do it. We haven’t, but reading your post is a good kick in the rear for me to rethink this and adopt your mantra! ICK!

    Frannies last blog post..The Sponge Dilemma….RESOLVED!

  2. I certainly agree with you. I was very surprised and appalled actually when I moved to this country and saw for the first time that most people do not remove their shoes when coming to someone’s home, even their own. Where I used to live it would be considered very disrespectful, not to mention a nuisance to homeowners who have a clean house, or white carpet! It still ticks me off when some repair man or installer comes in and they always keep their shoes on, then I have to vacuum after them right away! So it is a very good decision on your part, and great for your family’s health.

    Anastasia Borisyuks last blog post..Circumcision Decisions

  3. Frannie – Isn’t it kind of sickening (possibly LITERALLY!) when you think about it? The study about it being a larger source of pesticide exposure for children issue really hit home for me too!

    Anastasia – yes! We are really unaware here what a “hazard” this common practice can be. Nice to hear from someone that understands this too. And service people and installers…. AUGH! That has to be the worst. (Checked out your blog too… very nice! Keep up the great work and visit me often too!)

  4. This is my first time EVER to blog…wooo hooo! I have been reading so many sites and yours has really “hit home” with me, thank you! Anyhoo, I am so disgusted at the thought of this filth entering our homes. With some health issues of our little boy, we decided to only clean our carpets with HOT water and no cleaners, and to think that we still have a long way to go with the no shoes rule. Arg. I suppose that’s why I like your blog so much though…it is a learning process!! I am happy to say however, that we called the cable guy to come out to our home last week and he actually (voluntarily) put “bags” over his shoes before entering- NICE!

  5. islander mom – Well, welcome! So glad you landed here and I hope you visit often! And I hope you find lots of valuable information too! And on the topic of shoes in the house… yea, what I learned before writing this was a real eye opener too! And you hit on another concern too… when we clean our carpets with chemicals… kind of seems to defeat the purpose too. Kudos to your cable guy … I really appreciate so companies consciousness when they enter our home. Now if we could just get everyone to do that, right?!?

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