“WHAT global warming?!? We’re buried in snow!”

blizzThis comment would NEVER come from me… but I’ve heard it (at least 20 times from family and friends over the past three months).

Each time I want to scream.  I desperately want to get in arguments and pull out all the facts.  My husband pleads with me to “let it go” and brings me down to (our undeniably snowy) earth.  But I do have to share the reality with them….

I understand how this is a quick, easy argument from anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming or climate change.  It seems logical, but it’s not supported by science.  The fact:  hotter air can hold more moisture and this, in turn, creates and releases massive amounts of snow when the temperatures are below freezing. This is the same reason hurricanes have become so destructive… warming waters, rising sea levels and an increase in the intensity obliz radf the storm.

We could all argue the point until we’re blue in the face (and yes, the naysayers would tell you you’re turning blue because you’re freezing your a$$ off!) but the evidence of the earth’s temperature rising is factual. It’s on record. The 11 warmest years on record have occurred in the last 13 (and that record dates back to 1880!)

We can debate (until we’re BLUER in the face) if a portion of that is caused by human behavior, activity and INaction, but that’s another huge conversation.

Take a look at this quick interview with a physics professor to prepare your defense to family and friends.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Call it global warming, climate change, global swings, whatever… but the fact is undeniable… we’re heatin’ up, baby, and yes, that means lots of snow too!

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5 thoughts on ““WHAT global warming?!? We’re buried in snow!”

  1. Dear Doreen

    Thanks for that post. It is very important, that we spread the message that we don’t have time to loose, if we want to stop climate change. We can spent a lot of time looking for the greenest washing powder, toilet paper, but that won’t stop climate change. I’m not saying that it is not important, but we have only so much time at our hand, and we really need to use that to stop climate change. I’m a mother of two kids, working and I started to devote all my free time to projekts agains climate change. Thats the least that I can do for my children. So please, we need a lot of people to join in campains etc. I also started a blog, like you Doreen and I also sometimes give konsumertipps, but the most important thing is, that people are informed about the dread of climate change and to geht options to act. So please more of the above and linked to action possibilities.

    Christina from Switzerland

  2. You said it! I know exactly what you mean. I’ve heard and read this comment many times. The other point I always raise is you need to look at weather more globally too. I think those of us that live in the US tend to forget the rest of the worlds weather including our extreme northern and southern regions.

    I always appreciate your perspective on all of these controversial topics. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Christina – Bravo to you! Keep doing what you are doing and sending the message of importance to your readers as well! I know so many people who don’t believe in climate change at all. It’s disheartening, yes, but that won’t stop me either! 🙂

    Kimberly – THANK YOU! And I absolutely agree that we sometimes tend NOT to want to look beyond our own corner of the globe to see what is REALLY happening. I recently recall seeing that each year approximately 75 million acres of crops are lost in China due to severe drought and 3000 acres each year become permanently unusable because the severe conditions. They are essentially becoming deserts. And when tropical fish start moving so far north they are seen off the coast of Long Island… I believe we have issues! And yes, I will keep fighting the good fight!…

  4. While I applaud using envoromentally friendly products. Swings in weather patterns are all a part of a very complex system on space ship earth. I think the Discovery or History Channel has the show about the mini ice age. Which occured durring the period in recorded history known as the dark ages. Prior to the period England was favored as a producer of great wine, in the hot swing. Crops failed, the plauge and even the conditions in which the Stratovarious violin wood grew are evidence of this. Look at all the paintings of peasents working in summer fields. Just how could overly warm conditions warrent so many layers of clothes? The Catholic church may have influenced style but not the wearing of so many layers of heavy material.
    Human activity is adding to the extreme levels and rate of change but not the whole cycle. If human beings disappeared today from planet earth the warming trend would still progress. Look at the stats how many lighting strikes occur acrossed the planet a day? And how many active volcanos are there at any given moment? A set percent start forest fires and the resulting carbon resease into the atmosphere, or steam as magma collides with water.
    Every little bit helps but climat change is proven by record cold and heat waves . The weather system is siclic.

  5. Thousands of years ago the Artic Circle had tropical life http://amomsblog.wordpress.com/2008/01/04/tropical-life-in-the-artic-circle/

    Besides, the so-called global warming experts have come out and said they fabricated numbers and NASA rounds the temps up to the nearest whole number, thus inflating the numbers unjustly. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2009/11/30/global-warming-e-mails-scandal-show-scientists-may-have-cooked-the-facts Man made global warming is a farse. It’s a natural cycle. Sure, one side of Antartica is losing ice, but the other side is growing ice at a faster rate than the other side is losing, and many glaciers are gaining ice. http://www.iceagenow.com/growing_glaciers.htm Climates are changes, so yes, some glaciers are melting, but overall, more are growing.

    Climate will always change. No matter what man does. That does not mean we can be reckless, we should still opt for things that keep water and air clean, but lets call a spade a spade and “go green” because it’s better for our health and the health of the earth.

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