Why, YES! I am here to annoy you.

I find myself increasingly bothered, annoyed, frustrated and even angered by some people’s responses to being environmentally conscious. You would think that WE were doing something wrong by being responsible. I mean, honestly!

There is a cashier at one of the grocery stores I frequent and after my first few encounters with her bad attitude about my reusable bags, I used to avoid her. Now, if she’s working, I head to her checkout. At this point, I DO want to piss her off. I want to remind her that this issue is not going to go away.

Apparently she finds it bothersome to have to attach the little tab on my reusables to the bag rack (so they stay upright). For her, it’s easier to pull apart the two sides of at least two dozen “evil” plastic bags than put my entire order in six reusables. And that is another issue I have…I know plastic bags are cheap, but cashiers need to be responsible about it. In my “previous life” I had a cashier give me four plastic bags for four items. What? She had to separate the chicken from the bread and the batteries from the tomatoes. I can understand the logic (I think) but it’s gotten out of hand.

Until plastic bags go away entirely, I think retailers need to have better policies and cashiers need to be trained to be responsible. And even if you aren’t willing to make a very small investment with canvas or non-woven poly reusables, simply reuse the plastic bags you were already given. Before buying my reusables, I traveled with a load of bags from every store I would frequent. If I headed into Target, I brought my Target bags back into the store for my new purchase. I thought that was more annoying than my pretty reusables, but it was an option.

Whatever the case, just stop accepting that it’s okay to take more and more bags, because it simply isn’t. You, too, can annoy your (least) favorite cashier!

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13 thoughts on “Why, YES! I am here to annoy you.

  1. Jenna – you’re absolutely right! More and more retailers are offering bags. A couple dollars for canvas or as low as 99 cents for non-polys, like they have at my grocery store — and they’ll easily carry a ton of stuff too! It’s getting to the point where there’s really no excuse not to make a really small investment…we certainly can’t say “they aren’t available”, can we?!!,

  2. Last night at Albertsons, the cashier said “oh your one of those bag people” I just bit my tongue.

  3. Trisha – Exactly! $1…that’s it! I bought a dozen for grocery shopping and four others for my retail shopping and the amount of plastic bags that I will, personally, keep out of a landfill is amazing!… All for a $16 “investment!”

    Beth – AUGH!!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Isn’t that just pitiful!! Well, I’m glad we’re both “one of those bag people” then! 🙂

  4. Okay, I live in Oregon. The city I live in is often referred to as a vortex for “60’s Leftovers” & VW Vans. In other words, we’re very “green”. Recycling, using your own bags, etc … that’s just how it is. That said, I’m shocked that you guys are getting attitude for bringing your own bags. Sounds like a really bad sci fi movie. KEEP THE FAITH LADIES!

    tracys last blog post..I Believe!

  5. Tracy – yea, isn’t it pitiful! We are (unfortunately) in the company of a small majority around here. I really can’t wait to be part of the majority of “bag people” someday!!! The funny thing is, when you see someone else with their own bags, you feel an instant kinship and shoot each other a little smile. How sad is THAT?!?!?!

  6. loopy — Glad you’re here and glad you’re enjoying! 🙂 I figured that was the logic, but sheesh! What excess it causes. Now I battle the fact that they want to put some of my items in plastic and THEN put them in my reusables….AUGH!!!!

  7. My local grocery store gives you a ticket if you use a recycled bad (not sure if it’s just their bags or any recycled bag, IE from a competitor). For every bag you use you get a ticket. Every week they pull a ticket & the winner gets a $25 giftcard to the store.

    Great incentive to use those bags imho!

    I’ve found many uses for those bags too that I couldn’t do with normal plastic bags:
    *take to the meat shop
    *1 2litter bottle of pop fits in there sideways. Great to store so I can take to recycling.
    *They fit lots of computer stuff in there. It’s awesome, it’s like a box with good handles. 🙂

  8. Happy – That’s great to hear! And what does it cost them?…a measly $100 a month! And I’m sure people are more apt to participate just because of that giveaway. Reusable DO have so many uses. It’s amazing what can fit in there!

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