You’re a good (organic) egg!

Through all of the chaos of our current family health crisis, I’ve really been pretty lousy at planning meals, so I’ve had to be fairly creative at times… “family cannot live on a quick-pot-of-pasta alone”.

Fortunately, our kids have always loved eggs since the day they were old enough to eat them.  Our son, especially, can down three scrambled eggs without taking a breath, so we’ve now adopted what we deem a “breakfast dinner”.

horizonorganiceggsOf course, they must be organic eggs.  I’ve been buying Horizon organic eggs (more recognizable for organic milk, yogurts, cheese, etc.) because I know it’s a reliable brand, just like the milk I buy.  In fact, Horizon was the first nationally distributed organic dairy brand and helped pioneer the organic movement in 1992.

We all know eggs are such an amazing source of protein and vitamin D, but when they’re organic you know that they are produced without antibiotics and growth hormones.  Plus, the hens are cage-free and fed a 100% organic, vegetarian and pesticide-free diet so you know this means a better product for your family to consume too.  None of the nasty things will be neatly packed inside your eggs with all of the nutrition (which, by the way, happens to include three times more omega-3 fatty acids, twice as much vitamin E and 40% more vitamin A than non-organic).  Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about all the eggs I’ve been serving up!

I’ve gotten pretty good at making those “breakfast dinners” of traditional scrambled eggs (spruced up a bit) or a nice quiche (that I use to mask all kinds of healthy veggies) but admittedly, I need some new recipe ideas.  If you care to share one, please do… my family will probably thank you.

But just remember to keep your eggs organic to maintain the goodness inside, keep the badness out and you might just get a chuckle imagining all those happy, little hens prancing around the barnyard.

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6 thoughts on “You’re a good (organic) egg!

  1. why dont u try to mix the egg with other ingredients?

    hmm…try this –> egg-tofu
    all u need is tofu, egg, salt and pepper to give the food taste, and vegetables (carrot, bean, etc — cut them into small cubical shape) if u want to (for a healthier food ^^)

    smash the tofu,
    add the egg and vegetables (it’s up to u how much eggs and vegetables u want to add),
    add salt and pepper.

    put them on a pyrex, and steam for a while so that it becomes solid.

    it is a healthy food because u get protein from the egg and tofu, and vitamins from the vegetables. And it is steamed (no frying).

    Hope it helps =)

  2. gHina – thank you! I’m a big lover of tofu and this sounds like a great idea to sneak all the “goodness” into a great dish!

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but Horizon is one of the worst “organic” brands you can buy. If you are really interested in healthy and sustainable living, read this study conducted by the Cornucopia Institute:

    It’s incredibly interesting material and I would encourage you to share it with your followers! Living green isn’t easy! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Stevi CK – thanks for directing us to a great resource, but in all fairness, isn’t Horizon rated a “0” because they didn’t participate in the study?

  5. If you read the article you will see that their refusal to participate was not the determining factor in their score at all. The Institute gathered objective information about the companies who refused to participate in the study. There is an entire section dedicated to laying out just how factory farms, like Horizon do business. Plus, doesn’t it concern you at all that they were unwilling to be transparent about their practices? It does me.

  6. Stevi CK – in all honesty, I opened the 37 page report(!) and no, didn’t read it all and asked the question instead. The post above was actually written in June 2009 and we’ve since switched our milk from Horizon to Organic Valley (rated a “4 cow excellent”… I’m happy to see that). Again, this is great information and I thank you for sharing (and yes, it should concern anyone if there is a “refusal” to participate)…! This will likely be a blog topic very soon!

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